Sunday, October 14, 2007


Digital Painting by Jeff Spencer

I believe I am on a spiritual path
It winds like a golden ribbon over rich, brown hills

I believe help is available to me, if I seek it
My teacher stands near the path, robes fluttering in the wind

I believe that simply by finding this path,
I have made considerable progress

I believe that I will reach the end before I die.

I believe that we are all connected
that we each have a spark of God within us
that if we look close enough, we can see the flame

I believe in Family
I believe in the love of a good friend

I believe in Spontaneity
I believe in Myself

I believe in a hot cup of coffee
a hot bath
a hot date
a hot minute
I believe in Believing

I believe in Cold Truth
I believe in Hard Times

I believe in the milk-sweet smell of a new baby’s skin

I believe in the Long Term
I believe in the Deep Pool

Water sluicing off my shoulders

I believe in Diving In


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