Sunday, October 28, 2007

Prayer Song

Digital Painting by Jeff Spencer

Sometimes I'm close
to the perfect answer
I feel it float
just beyond my reach

It moves outside
of my perception
I long to know
what it has to teach

Whispering, to me
in a secret language
words, that I, can't hear

Beckoning, to me
with a velvet finger
I long to believe
that deliverance is near

I want to know
why I feel like weeping
why my death calls
and draws me to bed

I want to feel
like the green grass reaching
for the sky
no reason why
just seeking to live


Anonymous Suvi said...

All right, reality check!!

I was sent this link by my aunt Anamika Jain(think you know her?).

I read the first chapter and decided it wasn't worth reading.

However, I decided to try again, wondering why she had liked it so much.

And well, yes, I did enjoy reading it.

No, not the novel, that will have to wait.
I enjoyed this poem here very much.

I guess I could go for something else like 'keep it up' which sounds stupid, lame, and er...well, let's just say I am having a lot of difficulty ending this comment(you might have judged that from the fact that this thing is going on and on and on and on and on..)

So, without running the risk of...biring you crazy, I'll just stop right here. Thanks for sharing*ahem*

Blogger P.C. Fergusson said...

I'm glad you like this poem, Suvi. It's actually a song. I wrote it one day when driving down the coast from San Mateo to Santa Cruz. It's a beautiful stretch of road, and I was yearning for God, and this song formed up as I was driving. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous Michelle said...

hey, its michelle. have you sung this outloud? I'd like to hear it, in your voice :)

Blogger P.C. Fergusson said...

I have sung it, for sure. I sang it this year in class for a poetry reading we held...
: )


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